Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

On the market comes generation of camcorder that can record everything that happens around, with all sides simultaneously. Futuristic look and unique features will definitely make its popular among fans of video footage.
A new device called Sphericam 2 – a professional camera to automatically capture the video. Sphericam 2 looks as like  futuristic polyhedron.
Design features are such that the device does not have one but several chambers and each of them can take pictures at the same time. Location the lenses do cover zone at 360 degrees around itself.  A camera shoots in 4k format at 60 frames per second. You can also comprise other recording modes including at least a quality of 30 frames per second.
As for the “physical” performance, the following should be noted here. The device weighs only 400 grams. In total, there are six new cameras and the same number of microphones. Device Diameter – 65 mm. The body is made of anodized aluminum. The device is strong enough and has the “upper” levels of protection against dust, water and mechanical damage. However, diving Sphericam 2 is not likely to survive.Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

Interact Sphericam 2 can with any mobile device based on USB technology. It is possible to install additional memory gadget. Charge the battery enough for 60-90 minutes of intense work, depending on the selected mode. It is also worth mentioning that the gadget can be mounted on special tripods or used without them. There is also an opportunity to establish Sphericam 2 on a tripod. the camera is controlled by a smartphone. The camera can use and for Action-Shooting.Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

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