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Futuristic Mouse "Bend-and-Snap"

Futuristic Mouse "Bend-and-Snap"

Innovative features include a touch sensitive scroll function, and a blue light tracking system that allows it to scroll on a broad range of surfaces. The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a mere 15 mm thick, and composed primarily of flexible silicon, designed for on-the-go users, and can fold flat when not in use, making it effortlessly portable while achieving necessary ergonomics.

Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap7

Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap6Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap2Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap1  Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap3  Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap5  Futuristic Mouse Bend-and-Snap4
Via yankodesign.com

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