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Futuristic Ideas For Smartwatches That May Come True Soon

Futuristic Ideas For Smartwatches That May Come True Soon

With the fast paced world of mobile technology, we are not only limited to smartphone and tablets that can connect to the internet. Today, we are presented with powerful smartwatches and other wearable devices that can connect to our handsets and feed us with direct notifications straight from our wrist. But, there are also modern timepieces that runs as a standalone gadget that can connect to the internet and make and receive calls and texts.
In a recent study by Gartner, it showed that 50% of their respondents are considering to get a smart wristwatch by 2015, where shipment of this device is expected to reach 68.1 million. If you’re also considering to get one soon, then you may want to wait a little as there are some futuristic concepts for watches that will completely revolutionize the market. Here are a few ideas that may come true soon:
E-ink/E-paper technology
The initial device that introduced us to the e-ink and e-paper technology was the e-readers such as the Kindle and the Nook. The technologies employed here mimics the appearance of a regular ink on an ordinary paper. Although the technology emits clear display on the screen, it doesn’t use much battery. Today, this technology is being utilized by the Pebble devices (Original and Steel), by providing a smartwatch that can go for days and provide a clear, easy to read display whether day or night. Most modern wristwatch today use OLED screen, the same display of their paired devices. So far, the Samsung Galaxy S is among the list of gadgets that maximized the flexible and foldable HD display.
However, it seems that Pebble will be facing with another electronic paper wearable contender soon as Sony confirmed that they are currently developing their own e-paper wearable that will utilize the technology from the screen to the band. “We can confirm that a project team named Fashion Entertainments located in the New Business Creation Department of Sony Corporation is working on prototypes that use electronic paper, including a wristwatch,” a spokesperson from Sony wrote in an email. As of the moment, the company hasn’t released other details about this upcoming gadget, yet their confirmation is enough to stir rumors of how this futuristic device will look like.Future technology Futuristic Ideas For Smartwatches That May Come True Soon

Holographic keyword
A group of Czech tech developers came up with the uGear PeaClock that has the ability to project a holographic keyboard in a watch made of Graphene. Currently, the project is in its developing stage and being crowdfunded at Indiegogo since November 11 with an end goal of $49,000. The holographic keyboard will be projected onto any surface, where the user can type and send messages. The development team said that the campaign was inspired by science fiction quotations such as the one from the Red Dwarf’s: “If you’ve never had a dream, you’ve never had a dream come true.” Overall, the device looks like a regular fitness band, but it works as a standalone mobile gadget that can run on 3G and Wi-fi, battery life of 48 hours, 1080p OLED screen, 2GB RAM, and wireless charging. It is also waterproof similar to most wearables today.
But, apart from a projected keyboard, a recent concept showed that a possible holographic screen through a wearable can be possible. We did feature the Cicret concept that presents a band that has the ability to project a touchscreen display on your skin. “The user can use the screen, projected on his wrist, exactly the same as the display of your smartphone – turn the pages, open applications, change settings, etc.,” as stated in our previous post.
Specialized medical assistant
The current watches we have today offer us data about the number of steps we’ve taken, the calories we’ve burned, heart rate and more. However, this list of information is basic on most wearables, especially the fitness gears that are specialized for on the go health conscious users. Today, we should expect a revolutionary wrist gadget that can assist people with epileptic seizure. The Empatica’s Embrace is a product that helps people with seizure to get immediate assistance from their family members, friends, and caregivers. It alerts the companion by a vibrate when an attack happens. Its crowdfunding project has raised $292,737 at Indiegogo and exceeded its goal of $100,000. The first batch of these devices is said to be delivered by July 2015.

Author – Lily Sommers Future technology Futuristic Ideas For Smartwatches That May Come True Soon

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