Futuristic concept Handphone

Futuristic concept Handphone

To receive a multibillion-dollar profits,  must be constantly  amaze of the consumer. Therefore, companies try to produce new technology-based mobile phones.. At the same time, the buyer’s attention to the model of mobile phone  can draw and with the help of original ideas and changes shape phone. Over the appearance of the mobile device continuously working designers. They sometimes offer a very bold decision.
Fellow Italian designer Massimo Marratstso Biodomotica company developed this phone Handphone. Handphone microphone is in the form of the ring and put on his little finger. The speaker is another ring fixed on the big toe. The main unit is placed on the back of his hand, and elastic cords attached to the wrist and middle finger. Enough to bring splayed fingers to his mouth and ear, and you will understand how to use Handphone. "Hello – cheerfully said Marazzi. – Such a gesture is perfectly natural. From ergonomic phone that the calls are made with hands, but a set of numbers, the lift tubes and initiated by the rupture of a voice."  Future technology Handphone

According to the designer, the concept of Handphone is quite possible to bring to life today. We need a producer who takes a design and set up production of finished products. Samsung received a patent on the phone, the camera is able to record and interpret hand gestures. The role of the arrow keys assigned to the index finger. The thumb is responsible for movement between different parts of the workspace. However, to demonstrate its concept of the Samsung is not in a hurry.
Concept design of mobile phones are constantly in development. Who knows what will make a simple mobile phone in the future.   Future technology Handphone Future technology HandphoneFuture technology Handphone

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  • Mark

    July 27th, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    STUPIDEST THING EVER!! It is even bigger than regular cellphone?!

  • Kevin

    February 17th, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Such future, very wow

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