Future Wallet

Future Wallet

The Vista Wallet is the first real specialized device just designed for your spending of hard earned cash. In the 21st Century we are always connected, always available, and we can retrieve knowledge and information as soon as it’s discovered. Banking and shopping are still stuck in earlier times, still obeying early closing times when money used to be counted, they still take 24 – 48 hours to clear a check and you only get monthly bank statements. Today’s consumer’s deserve more, as a society we are working longer hours and still have the most debt of any generation.

Future Wallet 2

The problem is a lack of an emotional connection with the spending of money that they never see. The Vista Wallet will empower the consumer allowing them to check their balances online, use analysis software so the wallet can advise on purchases and even see if it would be better to wait until next pay check. For the shopper it allows connectivity that brings a hybrid 21st century form of shopping with “scan and shop”, where online and real world shopping collides in the most environmentally and consumer friendly form. Finally the Wallet will embrace “real money”, using real money and using this concept as a metaphor for the device. The vista wallet will reinvent consumer spending habits and shopping for the good of the consumer.

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