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Future Technology in Restaurant Business

Future Technology in Restaurant Business

Without an iota of doubt, technology is no longer a new thing in the hospitality business. Those that refused to follow the trends due to one reason or the other are being left behind. Many software and apps are developed and upgraded from time to time. Technology is useful for managing data, assessing customers’ needs, boost productivity, handle payments and hire employees. The future of technology holds new possibilities that will ultimately assist in connecting with customers on a deeper level. Let’s take a look at some of the future trends of technology to expect in restaurant business.

Mobile technology will take over
Mobile technology is not a new concept in business generally. Majority of today’s customers and staffs own at least one smartphone that they use day in and out. Experts have predicted that restaurants will look for new ways to disseminate information and connect with both staffs and customers via their mobile devices. Apart from smartphones, wearable technology like Google Glass, smartwatches and virtual reality headgears will change the ways that restaurants operate their business.

Tech savvy individuals will be hired
Every profession is now going digital and job seekers are always advised to be informed about the latest technological advancements in their various fields. In the nearest future, only those with the required skills, knowledge and resources will have the chance of being hired. Restaurants of all sizes are already utilizing data to expand their business and are interested in employing people that can handle data expertly.

Voice recognition is set to be introduced
Taking advantage of voice recognition is a smart means of handling language barriers using a voice-controlled virtual assistant. Other benefits include ordering meals with voice and making payment via voice and face recognition. Top restaurant companies all over the world are already putting plans in place for voice recognition and it is predicted to gain popularity soon.

Automation will be the norm
Certain restaurant brands have been delving into automation in order to save time, labor, cost and put food wastage in check. This approach is really effective as many of them are experiencing improved user experience and generating more revenue. Drones are now being used in some restaurants to deliver food once a customer places an order.This doesn’t mean that advanced robotic commercial kitchen equipment will totally replace humans, but most of the tasks will be handled by them and there will be fewer humans preparing meals in the kitchen or attending to customers.

Diners will have to interact with smart tables
These highly interactive tables will display menus, nutritional information, ingredients and offer recommendations based on a diner’s previous meal with a single touch or swipe. The meals will also be tailored to cater for each individual needs and preferences. The good thing is that the table can be synced with a customer’s smartphone.

Technology is growing at a very fast pace and only those who can keep up will remain in business and be successful. The fact is that not all of these trends will work perfectly for your restaurant. It is therefore imperative to find the ones that are effective based on your customer needs and stick to them.

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