Future LED Chess

Future LED Chess

Chess isn’t perhaps everyone’s favourite game and it doesn’t have to be either. What with all the pawns, the rules and the “intellectual” sounding players who go on about all the moves and strategies like it were the World War III! Well, if you are a chess lover, here is a geeky version of the immaculately boring chess board and this one comes with LED lights.

The WU& a Chess Set or the LED Chess Set by Guan Yi Quan is not only funny to look at but it actually looks good. Even if you hate chess as much as I do, you could get one of these to put your chess loving friends down, and show them how downmarket they really are with their old-fashioned chess board. Apart from that I really don’t know what is so great about this design.

Future-LED-Chess -2

Oh yeah, if you don’t like losing to your human-partners, you could ask the computer to play against you. I would say, go ahead and get a 6-pack beer and get a guy with you and get busy! There is no point in wasting time over board games when you have a hottie with surfboard abs next to you!

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