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6 Features of the iPhone X That Make it a Must-Have

6 Features of the iPhone X That Make it a Must-Have

Apple has released the new iPhone X — pronounced iPhone 10 — and it comes packed with plenty of exciting advanced features. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to this new phone but you’re not sure if it’s the one for you, check out a few of these top features that make the iPhone X a must-have.

Facial Recognition Technology

Image via Flickr by William Hook

One of the most anticipated new features on the iPhone X is the facial recognition technology. The camera on the phone uses over 30,000 dots to make a precise map of your face so the phone will automatically unlock when you look at it.

Apple says the software is so advanced, the chance of someone else unlocking your phone is one in a million, which compares to one in 50,000 with the TouchID fingerprint scanner. While beards, hairstyles, hats, and most sunglasses won’t confuse the phone, there are also safeguards in place to make sure it won’t unlock with a picture or mask of you.


While previous generations of the iPhone have always been on the cutting edge of technology, one big drawback of the phone is that it wasn’t water-resistant. Accidentally fall in the water or, even worse, have your phone fall out of your pocket and into the toilet, and you could be forced to buy another one. However, the new iPhone X offers water-resistance up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This means your phone will be just fine if you spill a drink on it or get caught in a heavy rainstorm. Even better, the new iPhone is also completely dustproof.

Wireless Charging

Another new feature you’ll find on the iPhone X is wireless charging. Apple uses wireless charging through a Qi-compatible dock or station. Now that the company has adopted wireless charging, it’s possible we’ll start seeing charging pads everywhere, including restaurants and retail stores. Although wireless charging has been criticized for being slow, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get a fast charge if you need it, because you can still use the wired Lightning connector for charging.

Brand-New Cameras

The iPhone X comes with a new front-facing and rear-facing camera. Apple calls the new front-facing camera a TrueDepth camera, and it comes with plenty of special features. One of the most remarkable is in Portrait Mode. Enter this mode and the TrueDepth camera sharpens your face and blurs the background for pictures that look like a professional took them. There are also several lighting filters that come with Portrait Mode, including contour light, stage light, and studio light. Additionally, the 12-megapixel rear camera includes optical-image stabilization, so you’ll enjoy less shaky videos and pictures.

Super Retina Display

The iPhone X comes with a new screen that Apple is calling the Super Retina display. It comes with 458 pixels-per-inch (ppi), which is the highest pixel density of any iPhone. Additionally, even though it’s smaller than the iPhone 8, the unique OLED screen runs edge to edge, giving it a larger screen. This colorful display also uses over 2 million pixels, which gives you sharper text and more vivid videos. Plus, an iPhone X paired with T-Mobile’s reliable 4G LTE network will let you enjoy those crisp videos with no lag or buffering. Learn more about the features of the iPhone X, and see why it’s the device of the future.


While the iPhone X comes with plenty of advanced technology features, there are some fun inclusions as well, such as the new animal emojis, called animojis. This feature uses the facial recognition software to create 3-D versions of animals mimicking your facial expressions. While it seems like simple fun, the camera tracks over 50 muscles in your face for incredible detail in each expression. You can then use the animojis to create short clips of expressions and send them to your friends and family. You can make a laughing pig, smiling cat, shocked panda, or numerous other combinations.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the new iPhone X, you’ll find these top features and more make it a must-have for anyone who enjoys having the latest in technology advancements.

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