Fantastic concept iPad 6

Fantastic concept iPad 6

Tablet PC Apple iPad sixth generation appears no earlier than one year. All information on this product can be either speculations,either a predictions extremely insightful experts and analysts. But sometimes much more pleasant to admire a beautiful fantasy on the theme of the sample iPad 6, 2014. This is new concept.
Designer under the name Geek3dfr embodies in the reality of long-held dream a users about transparent gadgets. Although at the level of concept. These toys now are a kind as Holy Grail. The tablet is really made in a completely transparent casing. 6 iPad boasts a bright and clear 3D-display and stereo camera to capture three-dimensional video. However, the new tablet still not completely transparent. The housing has a special aluminum inserts, on which the posted various components of the device such as speakers, a camera, button HOME. Other technical features author of the concept Apple iPad 6 does not specify.Future technology Fantastic concept iPad 6

Will there ever such a concept in the future, or at least something similar to it, is unknown. But technology – such a thing, that every time you wonder, what reaches world of electronics. To implement such a project will need a small technical a revolution. Should be transparent not only the screen, but all other components, including the processor, memory and battery. And yet it must have a high productivity. Not an easy task, even for Apple, right?  Future technology Fantastic concept iPad 6 Future technology Fantastic concept iPad 6  Future technology Fantastic concept iPad 6

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