Ecological Mobile Phone

Ecological Mobile Phone

Using today’s modern gadgets need not to be harmful to the environment. If you are just keen enough in finding for an eco-friendly yet modern gadgets, then you will most likely be able to help save the earth even if you are together with the rest of the crowd in using today’s modern gadgets like mobile phones, iPad, iPhone, and the like.

Ecological Mobile Phone

The Colibri  Eco Mobile phone by Nelly Trakidou is just a few of the examples of eco-friendly communication gadgets. This fresh eco-friendly design concept has the ability to operate without the need of an external power source, thus will not harm the environment in many ways. Instead, the Colibri Eco Mobile uses the innovative and still unexplored technologies, which includes the nano-generators into fabrics and button that generates electricity when pressed.

Ecological Mobile Phone 2 Ecological Mobile Phone 1

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