Eco-friendly Public Poster

Eco-friendly Public Poster

Public Poster is a solar-powered electronic public bulletin board that displays uploaded information and images on an e-paper screen.
Public bulletin boards are a good way to publish information, but they are not always easy to maintain. Furthermore, the information on bulletin boards is not easy to browse, and some items can be overlooked. Public Poster provides an interface for the exchange of published information. Information is transmitted wirelessly to Public Poster, which is powered by solar energy. No paper is required.

Eco-friendly Public Poster

Public Poster uses e-paper to save energy and reduce the consumption of paper and ink. Its display contains several different grid sizes, and the appropriate format and combination can be selected according to need. People can use the Internet or Bluetooth gadgets to dispatch images (in standard formats ranging from A5 to A2 size) or video to Public Poster. The public can easily browse the various pieces of information. Advertisers can simply launch their advertisement at will. When the ad expires, the e-paper will become transparent to indicate that space is available for others to use.
During the day, Public Poster collects solar energy. At night, it can become a public lantern and provide a light source as well as an atmospheric environment. Public Poster has a simple external design with simple styling to prevent any negative impressions from viewers and to further integrate itself into various environments.

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