Eco Bracelet !

Eco Bracelet !

The Flux PC concept is an ultra-portable computer that can be worn on your wrist and consists of three parts: the bracelet, a display that can folded and the inductive charging tray. It is designed based on the following principles: flexibility, mobility, friendly user interface and fashion. The bracelet, stores the wearer’s personal information and connects wirelessly with the foldable display that provides multimedia features accessed via a touch-sensitive interface. The bracelet stores the user’s personal information while the display incorporates a larger viewing area and multimedia devices.

Future technology bracelet computer flux pc

This display is supposed to be very economical, with core touch screen and display ability, as well as environmentally friendly materials. The premise behind the concept is that the system learns the habits and idiosyncrasies of the user, and grows with the user. The Flux PC concept enhances existing wearable decorative elements by providing an enhanced computing experience. The system in turn becomes much more familiar and personal to the user. Like like a virtual “friend”, the Flux PC system even encourages interaction between the user and other users in its environment.  Flex, with its chick and sleek appearance will be an instant hit amongst all the young and modern women.  Future technology bracelet computer flux pc  Future technology bracelet computer flux pc Future technology bracelet computer flux pc

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