Digital watch!

Digital watch!

Beautiful watch on his arm will always create the perfect mood and attract attention!
David Alejandro Gonzalez and Solis-developed digital watches that look super and dubbed them It looks like a bacelet and has a very attractive facade. This digital watch would be made in stainless steel and powered with miniature photovoltaic cells. It was designed in Alias Studio Tools. The watch shows the hours in roman numerals and the minutes in a circle that fills as time passes. Future technology Digital watch

Reading time is as interesting as its styling. Hours are displayed in roman numbers on the left, while minutes will blink in a green colored circle placed on the right. As the time moves ahead the circle gets filled, just like the moon grows with each passing day. The timepiece has silver colored edges giving it a royal appeal. Adding to the whole appearance is the delicate design placed both above and below the time reading zone. digital watch is like a delicate piece of jewelry. Adorning one around your wrist is bound to fetch a lot of admiration. Future technology Digital watch Future technology Digital watch

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