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NaviQ is your digital city guide

NaviQ is your digital city guide

There are many ways to attain information but people are still lost. There are different problems from language barriers to culteral patterns. There is a lack of information available to locals, and especially to tourists. What if all the necessary information one required could be obtained from a single digital source, where common questions such as “Where is the closest taxi stand?”, “Where is the nearest public restroom?” or “Where should I go to eat?” could easily be answered, quickly and efficiently.

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NaviQ is your digital city guide. There is one standard size unit that can be paired with a roof, and secondary unit with lighting and a bench. As many units as desired can be paired together depending on the size of the location. Both tourists and locals can use NaviQ to attain all information on the city, such as on going events, locations of boutiques and restaurants, weather forecasts, current news and public transport routes

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