Culinary cooking future

Culinary cooking future

Here’s a kitchen countertop that could be smarter than the cleverest cook. For example,put a piece of meat on the counter, and the Oasis system’s 3D depth-perceiving camera senses exactly what it is,and then displays helpful hints, nutritional information, and recipes using its pico projector

future scans food

Working a lot like the pioneering Microsoft Surface, the Oasis prototype is touch sensitive,
letting you touch a certain area and it’ll bring up, say, a timer or a virtual shopping list.
It’s even smart enough to recommend recipes involving two different foods you might place on the counter
at the same time.

The technology isn’t confined to the kitchen, either. It might be used in the bathroom to help you identify various pills and dosages. Installed on a coffee table, it could summon various games and entertainment, or maybe admonish you for drinking that seventh beer. Just think of what it will be able to do 25 years from now.

future scans food future scans food future scans food future scans food future scans food
Kitchen of the future
Сulinary art class – innovative
Concept – cooking pot

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