Culinary cook future

Culinary cook future

Taking inspiration from Brazilian snake called Sukuri (Anaconda)that circles and scans its food before swallowing it, Brazilian industrial designer Bruno Oro in collaboration with Electrolux has devised a concept that promises to present before you your favorite food in just fraction of seconds. Dubbed ‘Home Sweet Home’, the device will clone and teleport your favorite recipe with click of a button.

Culinary cook future

Culinary cook future

For example, if you want to cook lasagna. You need to keep the food item near a plate and what Home Sweet Home does is, it elongates along the plate and rises vertically to scan the food. After scanning the molecules, it sends the information to its partner-device that helps reproduce the food. Easy, convenient, energy and time saving, this chic device has two parts viz. a wristband and a scanner. If you wish to have the food, you simply gotta place the scanner near your plate and activate it through the wristband. Individuals who are hard pressed for time, Home Sweet Home is a blessing.

Culinary cook future Culinary cook future Culinary cook future Culinary cook future Culinary cook future

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  • naomi

    August 9th, 2010 at 8:15 am

    this is so stupid…seriously…food that just appears….bulls***. i’m sorry but i dont believe it will ever be invented….and if it will be, it’ll never work

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