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Created VR-jacket, which conveys sensations

Created VR-jacket, which conveys sensations

Virtual reality is gaining an audience of fans and attracts more and more people. This is facilitated by the fact that developers pay attention to this technology and develop it more. New items are really interesting. Recently, there was another new product, which was developed by Disney, along with scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Specialists managed to create a unique jacket that conveys physical sensations.
The gadget, according to the creators’ assurances, is capable of transmitting up to 10 sensations, including impact, compression, touching, hugging, etc.
The most interesting is the feeling when the snake creeps at you. The principle of operation is fairly simple, in spite of the fact that at first glance such a possibility seems unrealistic: the device contains sensors and 26 special air chambers controlled by a computer. If in a virtual space the character interacts with objects, the sensors determine the place, and the air valves transmit the signal, activating certain pillows, thereby creating an imitation of sensations.
This technology can not be called a full-fledged transmission of sensations (in fact, the developers themselves claim that the invention does not fully simulate contact with virtual reality), but at the same time it can provide a higher level of immersion in virtual worlds. Now among the minuses of development is the weight of 2 kilograms and the lack of accurate data on the receipt of the device on sale.Future technology Created VR-jacket, which conveys sensations

Future technology Created VR-jacket, which conveys sensations

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