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Created bracelet for read thoughts

Created bracelet for read thoughts

Smartstones California company introduced a system,that allows you to read thoughts and turn them into speech. Its basis is the first commercial device neurointerface by Emotiv, supplemented application :pros.
Application developed Smartstones allows people with speech impairments to communicate through the mobile gadget. As with sign language, certain gestures and movements associated with words and phrases. For example, a circle, outlined a finger on the smartphone screen, does the word “water”, and hold your finger on the screen up transformed in the phrase “I want”.
The application detects the movement and the voice of words and phrases – in this example, “I’m thirsty.” You can customize commands, and certain movements can be assigned to specific phrases. This is a useful application for people with autism or cerebral palsy,which is upset about. However, there are some diseases in which the movement of the fingers necessary to make very difficult.
For such people, and intended the system. Gadget with neurointerface captures thoughts by electroencephalography, and the application recognizes the received signals and transforms them into words. Just think about the movements that must be carried out by the application. The signal is transmitted to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The power of thought, you can even send messages to other mobile devices.
It is reported that the system would be relatively inexpensive and learn how to use it is very simple.


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