Concept ZTE Axon M

Concept ZTE Axon M

Innovations in the field of smartphones have slowed significantly in recent years: more and more manufacturers prefer small updates even for flagship devices instead of some fundamental innovations. But not everyone is going to stand still: it seems that ZTE is preparing an apparatus capable of refreshing the mobile market.
The company ZTE is preparing to release an unusual smartphone – in the form factor of a horizontal clamshell with two screens, in the unfolded state turns in not a large tablet.
Each smartphone display will receive a matrix with a resolution of Full HD. In the decomposed format, the displays form one 6.8-inch screen. Axon M will work on an Android system with the ability to simultaneously display two applications. Ie ZTE Axon M can display on the each display on a separate application – such the small bonus of dual-screen device. How much the solution turns out to be innovative and even just attractive and convenient, it will become clear in the next month.
The smartphone will receive only one camera on 20 megapixels, which rotates in any direction. It will also be equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a battery for 3,120 mAh. Such a battery can be small for continuous operation with two displays. The rest of the information about the smartphone is still unknown.Future technology Concept ZTE Axon M

Future technology Concept ZTE Axon M Future technology Concept ZTE Axon M

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