Concept Wind Tree

Concept Wind Tree

The French team of engineers has created an artificial tree, capable of generating electricity from wind. The device operates quietly and produces energy even at low air movement. The idea came when we observe the rustling of leaves in calm weather. Energy is taken from the air and converted in watts.
The device uses a small plate in the form of twisted leaves, which convert wind energy into electrical energy. And regardless of the direction of air flow. An additional advantage of “tree” in its silent operation.
On create 8-meter prototype the engineers spent three years. Power generating “tree” is set in the commune Plumer-Boda in the north-west of France. The inventor hopes that one day there will be such generators in private backyards and on city streets. Cost of Wind Tree is about 30 thousand euros. New setting effective the conventional wind turbine, since even produces energy at a wind speed of 4 m / s.Future technology Concept Wind Tree

Michaud-Larivière hopes that the “tree” will be used to power street lamps or charging stations for electric vehicles. In the future he plans to improve the installation and connect it to the energy-efficient homes. Perfect “tree” must be  the leaves of natural fibers, “roots” in the form of geothermal generator and a “crust” with photocells.
Designer Jérôme Michaud-LarivièreFuture technology Concept Wind Tree    Future technology Concept Wind Tree
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