Concept Water Lock

Concept Water Lock

Water Lock simultaneously records and displays the water volume. Water Lock is a little tool that helps you save more water when using your bathtub, it doesn’t require any electricity. When the water is flowing, it is ‘on’. When the flow is terminated, Water Lock is ‘off’. It uses the principle of a combination padlock for its operation. It is expected that the device would increase users’ awareness of their water consumption while helping them to avoid wastage.
These devices are very necessary to use. We need to save water. One might think that the water in the world will always be, but it is not so. And such devices help us to conserve water.  Future technology Concept Water Lock

Designers : Prof. T.K Philip Hwang, Prof. Fan Cheng Kuei, Fu Shou Hsi, Wang Chih Wei, Hsu Wei Ling, Lai Yu Ren, Chen Yi An  Future technology Concept Water Lock Future technology Concept Water Lock Future technology Concept Water Lock

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