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Concept washing machine Luna Wash

Concept washing machine Luna Wash

Whether you live in a huge mansion or a small apartment -a wash – this is the process that was, is and will be. Yes, automatic washing machines do not require a great deal: you just need to add up all the dirty clothes inside, fill powder and turn on the water. But the concept of a new washing machine allow not do and this job. Meet the project Luna Wash, washing machine,which wash clothes in the laundry basket.
Luna Wash looks like a spitting image of the Death Star, but this miniature dirt shredder will be created exclusively in good order. Machine will use static electricity and steam to clean clothes. To perform washing, you need to fill Luna Wash small amount of water and put it directly under the underwear. The machine begins to produce clouds of steam. Clothing will be covered around steam and dirt will disappear from the fibers of clothing. Luna then switches on mode  “dirt -magnet ” , producing an electrostatic charge, absorbing all the dirt right in its own metal enclosure.Future technology Concept washing machine Luna Wash

After all processes of vibration and pulsation at the bottom of the laundry basket , Luna Wash completes the wash cycle the hot air, that dries clothes. This is a fantastic idea, and even the laziest bachelor happy to acquire such a machine . The only downside until we see is this lack of ironing, because the clothes all be wrinkled after wash. But you will agree that this is not the worst. We hope that the concept will soon become a reality.
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