Concept "Urban Future".

Concept "Urban Future".

The "Urban Future" concept seems to have found some small footholds in our world already. A concept that is being actively pursued for implementation is that of a solar roadway. The concept is highly futuristic that will need at least 20-25 years to execute, even by optimistic estimates. The idea of blurring the lines amongst roads, city squares and sidewalks.
As a working prototype, the "Urban Future" features an installation that is almost 185 square meter (or 1,991 square feet) section of a road. The entire area has been covered with a digitally programmable LED. This makes use of 3D cameras to sense not only the motion of the vehicles but also of the pedestrians and peddlers. This small illustration, strives to impress on how elegant and easy the future of traffic control would be and how the roads would become safe. Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"

One look at the prototype and you get a clear cut picture of how the city of the future will be productively networked to provide safety and a rich outdoor experience. It will show traffic flowing continuously, without the need for traffic lights. The ‘road’ would become a space with multi-functional abilities that would be determined entirely based on the needs. And for those who bother about negligent driving, remember that the cars and vehicles that come along this concept are intelligent too. They will ensure that there is no collision. The best possible paths and patterns for the least crowding and maximum movement will be chosen by a highly intelligent system that is guided with hundreds of 3D cameras. In such a controlled environment, it will be the machines that take over almost all processes, except thinking and idea-generation. Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"      Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"Future technology Concept  "Urban Future" Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"

Future technology Concept  "Urban Future"

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