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Concept Unusual vertical ship

Concept Unusual vertical ship

French architect Jacques Ruzhri developed a draft of the vessel, most of which is hidden under water. Construction of an unusual vertical tower on the water will begin later this year. Half of the 51-meter vertical vessel is immersed in water. In this case the height is much greater than the length (21 m) and width (9.8 m). So why need the top of the serving? As is well known divers, stay underwater for long-term campaign is bad for the nerves, and lack of sunlight and fresh air for people who are not quite natural. SeaOrbiter will have years of drift in the Gulf Stream and other currents, and it is desirable to replace the crew as infrequently as possible. So, for the psychological stability of the scientific staff of 8 people (and two professional sailors, who will be responsible for the administration) are necessary conditions that reduce the "obsolescence". Future technology Concept Unusual vertical ship

In general, SeaOrbiter will have research laboratories and the technical equipment, and accommodations with necessary appliances, as well as a gym, library and recreation areas. There is a viewing platform with a surface-round visibility. Although the draft of the vessel is nearly 30 meters, additionally provided, first, submersible robots, tethered, and capable of reaching the 100-meter depth, and secondly, the traditional manned and unmanned deep-sea vehicles (and, of course, diving suits, etc. equipment). The range of depths of investigation – up to 600 m  Future technology Concept Unusual vertical shi

A considerable part of the crew of the lower disc is scheduled to perform transparent – for easy monitoring of marine life. Incidentally, the vertical shape of the vessel proved to be very resistant to the waves, for which we should thank are located at the very bottom tank with potable water and fuel (biodiesel) when tested in the pool SeaOrbiter could not daunt even the 15-meter waves. Two viewing platforms are located at a height of 5 and 13 m respectively, the lower will be the bridge, and at the top – an entertainment zone for scientific personnel. Engines, incidentally, is also located above the water, which should ensure their effective functioning. However, they produce electricity for the main electric motor, located under the water.    Future technology Concept Unusual vertical shiFuture technology Concept Unusual vertical shiFuture technology Concept Unusual vertical shi

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