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Concept the world’s fastest elevator

Concept the world’s fastest elevator

The Japanese company Hitachi in 2016 is going to build the world’s fastest elevator. His speed is 72.4 km / h, that is just per minute he is able to overcome the 1,200 meters. Elevator, developed by Hitachi, will be used in modern high-rise buildings, and its first model will be installed in one of the skyscrapers in China. How it became known, this building has 111 floors, not counting technical. 95 floor elevator will lift visitors in just 43 seconds.
So significant velocity elevator owes its ultramodern lift. In developing its, Hitachi has adopted all the latest technology. To date,faster the elevator does not exist in the world – “Japanese” broke the record of lift from Taiwan, which overcomes 1000 meters per minute.Future technology Concept the world's fastest elevator

New lift Hitachi boasts not only high-speed lift, but also special cables, which are 30 % lighter than conventional. They are made of a special material, which makes them very reliable. Passengers of lift will not feel discomfort when climbing or descending at high speed – a cabin equipped with a large number of sensors monitoring vibration and air pressure. Representatives of Hitachi said, that the company has technology, that will avoid stuffiness in the ears of visitors, going up and down, as well as reduce the effects of shaking and rocking. Provided here and a number of technical solutions in the event of an emergency: in particular, the elevator car is equipped with ultra-modern brakes, able not only to quickly and effectively reduce the speed of the car, but also to resist the rise in temperature due to friction. But it will take time, before we can find the first impressions of visitors.  Future technology Concept the world's fastest elevator

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