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Concept the "transparent" aircraft

Concept the "transparent" aircraft

Probably every one of you who have flown in an airplane, looking out the window  would like to see a full panorama opening the space. Parisian design company Technicon Design has developed a concept model airplane IXION Windowless Jet, which is completely devoid of windows. You may think that this sounds like a nightmare of claustrophobia, but it is actually completely wrong.
Instead of windows designers from Technicon Design use flexible screens,that cover the walls and ceilings of the cockpit. Also the concept of aircraft uses external cameras mounted on the fuselage, which fixed a 360-degree Panoramas. Further, it is adjusted and displayed on the screen in real time.
Removing windows has its advantages, such as providing greater flexibility in the design of the interior of the aircraft, reduction necessary expenses and materials.
In addition to displaying the current look and feel, the screens can be programmed to display any landscape that you want. Sitting in a plane, you are free to choose for themselves the any kind and fly a rainforest, Paris, Grand Canyon or even fly into space. Also, this technology allows you to use the screen as a computer display, which means that during the flight, you can conduct video conferences. IXION Windowless Jet uses existing technology, so that there may soon it can be seen on the runways.Future technology Concept the "transparent"  aircraft

 Future technology Concept the "transparent"  aircraft

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