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Concept the supercar of a dream

Concept the supercar of a dream

The French brand DS Automobiles has published images of a sports prototype that demonstrates how cars may look in 15-20 years. Designers have embodied fantasies with sketches in the concept DS X E-Tense – the so-called dream supercar. The vision of the car of 2035 differs from what is already available today.
The concept is based on a carbon-fiber chassis with adaptive suspension from DS Performance. The model operates on an electric power plant consisting of two motors on the front axle. Combined power of the system is 540 hp. in the normal mode (in the racing – 1 360 hp). The driver’s seat is made in the form of an open cockpit with a seat, which adapts to the shape of the driver’s body. When finishing the cabin, carbon and plastic are used. The floor is glass, and its degree of transparency is adjustable.
Finally, the car received a self-healing technology after minor bumps. It is also possible to change the configuration of the radiator grille. DS already offered the concept E-Tense, but it is more “mundane”. The electric car was introduced two years ago with a power plant with a capacity of 402 hp.1-46-e1524769760978

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