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Concept the spherical speaker OM / One

Concept the spherical speaker OM / One

Now not easy to surprise the discerning user another Bluetooth-speaker. But the engineers from startup Om Audio difficulties are not afraid. They submitted to the public a very interesting column. Announcing a new and unique speaker OM Audio OM / One.
The device effectively stands out the competition. Fact that the gadget … levitates. And literally. Device, of course, the force of attraction of the Earth does not ignore. No, miracle here is not – a common trick with magnets. Soars the spherical device exclusively on a special stand (and itself device is made of suitable materials).
Looks, however, unusually.Future technology Concept the spherical speaker OM/ On

Spherical speaker OM Audio OM / One has a diameter slightly greater than 9 centimeters,and itself weighs 340 grams. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery, it can be used as a portable source, both at home, and beyond. As for the specifications, the column Om / One can play music for 15 hours. Many built-in battery can last. Impressive! Inside the ball OM Audio OM / One hidden 75-mm speaker and even a microphone, so that it is also a headset.
Speaker, a power of 3 watts connected with headset in Bluetooth module and levitates above it at a distance of about 3 centimeters. Stand itself is powered by the power supply and comes with a memory, which stores your music. Alas, while the developers have nothing but a prototype.Future technology Concept the spherical speaker OM/ On    Future technology Concept the spherical speaker OM/ On
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