Concept the original camera

Concept the original camera

In today’s world the art of photography has become so public that seems to be starting to lose its magic. In an environment where anyone can make hundreds of pictures a day and then post them online, find a truly original frame is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when it comes to photos and other capitals tourist attractions. In the struggle for originality, ally becomes the unusual camera, that refuses to make “pop” picture.
Think of any trip to foreign lands: surely in the central square you’ve seen the crowds, furiously shoot everything in a row and the same kind of. Make no mistake, at least three-quarters of these frames then went to instagram waiting likes. You can verify this by looking at a photo of any known tourist places. Hundreds of thousands of identical pictures. Conceptual camera aims to put end to the monotonous ugliness.
Controversial project called Camera Restricta («Luggage restrictions”). When the user is going to take a picture, the camera with GPS determines the location of the photographer, and immediately looks for images on the Internet that have been noted here. Their number is displayed on the display device. If such a photo, according to the camera, too, it is “ban” the user to make another typical frame. Shutter button does not work, no matter how PUSH, and in the viewfinder window will appear red sign ban. We’ll have to look landscape pooriginalnee.
The camera with the character have and other interesting features “photo radar”. With its Activation Camera Restricta will begin to publish a characteristic noise, reminiscent of Geiger counter. Only instead of the radiation detector the sensor will look for all the same pictures, marked nearby. The more pictures made in one or another point,the intrusive noise.
In addition to its conceptual values, this function can be useful in finding and popular places. Well, or the good fitness clubs. The photos here were doing even more,than near the nearest local monuments. By the way, the original camera body printed on 3D-printer.Future technology Concept the original camera

Designer Phillipp Schmitt Future technology Concept the original cameraFuture technology Concept the original camera  Future technology Concept the original cameraFuture technology Concept the original camera  Future technology Concept the original camera ,

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