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Concept the new supersonic aircraft

Concept the new supersonic aircraft

How fast the aircraft can to cross the Atlantic Ocean? When Charles Lindbergh for the first time made it in 1927, it took 33 hours 30 minutes and 29.8 seconds. Direct flights big jets today last about six and a half hours. Supersonic Concorde (now decommissioned) could do it for three and a half hours. Now, a new conceptual aircraft can will theoretically cross the Atlantic in 40 minutes.
The plane, dubbed Skreemr, will use a combination of three technologies for the acceleration: rockets, rocket motors and electromagnetic rail gun. First, the plane will be dispersed along a special band – like planes from the aircraft carrier, which are accelerated by electromagnetic catapult. Then Skreemr launch the rocket engines that will accelerate it even more. As soon as the aircraft reaches supersonic speed, turn on jet engines, driving the aircraft to speeds four times faster than the speed of sound. Canadian engineer has created a design that can withstand speeds of up to Mach 10.
It is planned that Skreemr can carry 75 passengers. Internal systems of the aircraft will be powered by electricity of the magnetic coil, as well as hydrogen fuel cells installed in the Skreemr. However, Canadian engineer recognizes that such aircraft can hardly appear in the sky over the Atlantic in this century.Future technology Concept the new supersonic aircraft

Canadian engineer and inventor Charles Bombardier Future technology Concept the new supersonic aircraft

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