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Concept the new "family" refrigerator

Concept the new "family" refrigerator

In the XXI century enters into a person’s home more quite incredible, and even futuristic technology. On many of them for another ten years ago people could only dream of. Today, they are a reality. One of these “technologies” became the latest refrigerator from Samsung.
We all live in very interesting times. Today, technology is developing as never before dynamically. Living proof of this are things like a refrigerator Samsung Family Hub 2.0, which appeared relatively recently. Much more important is that the devices on the similarity of this clearly shows how much a person can achieve in the foreseeable future. Samsung Family Hub 2.0 was created in order to be an integral part of any kitchen, as well as the most important “smart” object on it.
The first thing that catches your eye,when considering this wonderful refrigerator from Samsung, is the fact that it is equipped with a 21.5 inch HD screen, which in addition to its diagonal also touch! In fact, in the refrigerator built a computer, which allows perform the impressive array of manipulation one way or another connected with the kitchen and cooking food. Dashboard also supports Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect an advanced refrigerator with any other technique.
The curious detail of Samsung Family Hub 2.0 is its door. The fact is that when the refrigerator is closed,built-in cameras photographed all,that lie in front of them on the refrigerator shelves. These pictures can be seen as on the dashboard of the screen of the refrigerator, or through a special application on the smartphone. How is this useful? Yes, the fact,that the owner of the refrigerator will always know, what he has, and what is missing. Especially useful this function is going to the store.

Manage the fridge, can to use the dashboard and synchronized with any mobile device with him. Cope with control even a child! It is also important that the panel allows you to do many other “everyday” things, including entertainment. The screen of the refrigerator allows you to watch movies, surf the Internet, watch the latest news, listen to music and view photos. refrigerator itself has many modes. The individual sections with just one touch , for example, can be converted into the freezer.  
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