Concept the futuristic knife

Concept the futuristic knife

Lightsabers , unfortunately, are not quite real. Only now, scientists have begun to understand how to implement the binding of photons. Concept Lightsaber Knife uses sci-fi elements to create the perfect knife. Turned out quite an interesting concept. The blade has no definite shape and is composed of ” liquid metal “, which by user’s request can be changed in five different forms of blades.  Just press on the handle (just like in “Star Wars “), and this sensible cutlery turn the blade of a liquid metal (as in ” The Terminator “) into one of five specially designed forms. Also been added to the monitoring function for the kids when the knife before activation scans fingerprints, so they could not be used by children. Only a chef could take it in hand.
All this sounds great, but how will in fact – nobody knows. In the near future the stores you this pseudo – lightsaber not see. While even the armed forces do not have such advanced technology with molten metal, as shown in the movie about robots from the future. So,only remains have patience and wait.Future technology Concept the futuristic knife

Designer: Chia-yu Yeh Future technology Concept the futuristic knife Future technology Concept the futuristic knife Future technology Concept the futuristic knife

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