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Concept the flying solar power

Concept the flying solar power

Hurricanes and tornadoes, often passing through the United States , forcing locals to worry and to search for ways to solve problems and compensate damage caused by them. One such initiative was a grid of projects based on drones. The idea is to use multicopter, equipped the solar panels with relatively large area, as well as wind turbines. Each machine must produce energy, which is then transmitted by microwave radiation on terrestrial antenna. Essence is as follows : to a height of 15 km (where they are not affected by the elements) rise copter, equipped with solar panels and the small wind turbines. Part of the energy produced by them will be used to maintain the devices on the fly, and all the surplus transferred to the ground, where the receiving antenna and is used for compensate in the territories, affected by natural cataclysms. It is assumed, that such a system may soon become very effective, however, to date, it will be too expensive, as each drone can produce about 50 kW, and most of the energy will be used by itself. And victims will have to use a huge amount of devices.Future technology Concept the flying solar power


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