Concept the flying car

Concept the flying car

It seems,that the world of modern vehicles to expect a revolution. Ordinary cars are replaced by hybrids and electric cars, and even try to up in the air.
The concept of flying machines – like those worn in the sky in the movie “Back to the Future 2” – develop for decades. However, until now there is not really an impressive specimen, ready for everyday use.
What’s the problem? It is believed that even modern technology does not allow you to make cheap enough (for the average driver), the vehicle of its kind.
However, the company AeroMobil from Slovakia seems to be planning to challenge that assertion. Once this the futuristic project is being developed in Slovakia. We are talking about a car that turns into a small plane and rises.
Judging by the brochures, then AeroMobil looks impressive. It has an unusual design. Indeed greetings from tomorrow. Hybrid sports car and airplane.Future technology Concept the flying car

Design weighs only 450 kg, the wings are easy to fold, so there is no problem with parking. In this respect the invention is not inferior to passenger “brethren.” Power reserve in the ground mode – 875 km. With regard radius of flight,are modest – 700 km. In air power Rotax engine 912 is sufficient for acceleration to 200 km / h. And on the way AeroMobil racing at 160 km / h. No problems with the fuel not. For powerplant fit regular gasoline from a nearby gas station. How many people are allowed to take “on board”? Two. Driver and one passenger.
While not too clear, how all of this is true. We can only hope, that on presentation AeroMobil will be able to get off the ground and win the hearts of the audience.Future technology Concept the flying car Future technology Concept the flying car Future technology Concept the flying car
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