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Concept the "energy" clothing

Concept the "energy" clothing

The research team of chemists and engineers in the microelectronics institute Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin, has developed technology to create the “energy” clothing. One of the first experimental samples was a jacket, that contains the device, allowing it to not only generate its own energy, but also to preserve her for future use.
The aim of the scientists was to create the possibility for a person to produce their own electricity, without producing much effort. They combined a variety of nano-materials and the development of digital technology called MATFLEXEND (it -. “Gatherers energy”). The innovative solution can convert into electricity the human body movements, for example – while walking.
To keep the power generated for further use,authors of development of the European research project also created a miniature, flexible batteries with long service life, which can be easily integrated into the fabric.
And the batteries,and themselves “energy collectors” are made with a complex set of nanowires, nanoparticles and other ceramic components, the control is carried out on the micro level.
“In the process of charging and discharging the lithium-ion batteries go through various stages, for example, intercalation and deintercalation. These processes may occur only with certain crystalline structures. That observance of cleanliness of crystalline phases is so important, “- says Catherine Heppner, chemist. Future technology Concept the "energy" clothing

“The main task for us is to provide the mechanical flexibility of electronic devices and, at the same time, we strive to provide the plasticity of the battery, that the entire structure in appearance does not differ from conventional textiles” – says engineer by Microsystem Technologies.
In the manufacture of batteries, researchers took advantage of existing materials, and the process of miniaturization quite successful – batteries really turned an extremely small. Developers now have a fairly clear idea of ??where  can will use the new technology. This may be a medical field, scientific and technical equipment, and others. Entering the market of commercial solutions is expected in the coming years. Future technology Concept the "energy" clothingFuture technology Concept the "energy" clothing Future technology Concept the "energy" clothing
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