Concept the easiest seaplane

Concept the easiest seaplane

The Americans presented a futuristic seaplane Icon A5, which you can learn how to manage just 20 hours. He has a top speed of 177 km / h and weighs only 450 kg. Innovation has already been nicknamed “Tesla among the planes.”
Icon Aircraft Company has tested its new model A5 on the Hudson River in New York. The plane has a folding chassis, he built of lightweight carbon fiber. The wingspan of 10.36 m, and the engine Rotax 912 with a capacity of 100 horsepower. The aircraft is designed for two people, and management training only lasts 20 hours – it’s two times less than for a standard license for private flights. As the representatives of the manufacturer, they wanted to “democratize” the aircraft.
A5 has an optional ballistic parachute that is released from the body through a small cotton at the top of the aircraft. Thus the plane could land safely in case of emergency.
The model folding wings, so that it is convenient to tow or to put in the garage. It operates both on gas and on petrol and jet fuel. Manufacturers have already received more than 1,500 pre-orders to be implemented over the next 3 years. Future technology Concept the easiest seaplane

 Future technology Concept the easiest seaplane Future technology Concept the easiest seaplane

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