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Concept Tactile projection interface

Concept Tactile projection interface

In last year’s in classic action movie "Total Recall" one of the most memorable moments was implanted in the man’s hand a mobile phone. This is quite convenient, it is always charged and always available, and is comfortable enough to use it, jabbing a finger in the palm of the other hand. To such an extent modern technology has not yet reached, but already appeared their prototype.
Scientists at Tokyo University named their project "Air ultrasound tactile display" In fact, all the features of the system listed in this capacious title. Interactive projector delivers an image of any item, whether it be paper or palm, the picture moves along with improvised screen and shows interactive features. This means that the touch screen works as a response to touch.Future technology Concept Tactile projection interface

But most intriguing project further aspect, in addition to interactive projector system includes blocks tactile feedback with ultrasonic radiation. This means, that the any area of ​​the screen or object of on-screen can be active, and a user truly touches his own hands. The problem is that current prototype is too cumbersome, to be practical. Future technology Concept Tactile projection interface

Flex Cellphone the “Touchscreen Click”
Touch Interface of future
The interface of the future
Concept Tactile display

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