Concept Smarty ring

Concept Smarty ring

The idea of ​​combining smartphones, which increase in size with the compact and handy gadget is haunted many inventors. For this reason, we have seen many diverse smart hours, but these have not been comfortable. New fashion trend – the smart ring. One of the first such devices is may Smarty Ring . This ring has the necessary controls a majority of smartphone features and LED- display, which displays the warning calls, SMS, news from social networks, etc. Smarty Ring connects to your phone by Buetooth 4.0 and uses this protocol, including, for his warning about the possible loss or theft. Management is done via software on the phone, where you can adjust the time, the brightness of rings, buttons, and adjust the volume of the signal.Future yechnology Concept Smarty ring

The novelty is made of medical grade stainless steel and has a universal design, and is suitable for both men and women, its width is 13 mm, thickness – 4 mm, and the battery provides 24 hours of operation, after which it can be recharged using the wireless induction charger. Smarty Ring should be on sale in April next year  Future yechnology Concept Smarty ring   Future yechnology Concept Smarty ring Future yechnology Concept Smarty ringFuture yechnology Concept Smarty ring

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