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Concept Smartball for Computer.

Concept Smartball for Computer.

Amazing new design concept of a computer keyboard. It even can be called revolutionary for a new generation of computers. The Smartball is a soft, malleable balloon made of e-textile smart fabric that works as a keyboard, mouse, remote control, game controller, and Everygadget. Wherever you first place your fingers on the Smartball is considered the home row of computer keys with one confirming pump of all five or ten digits. For easy learning, a visual keyboard will show up on the ball and at the bottom of the computer or television monitor, until the Smartball has decided your speed and motor memory with the ball is up to par. Interaction with this surface screen happens from inside the ball, and the most exciting quality of the Smartball is it’s potential for 3D developing and Augmented Reality experiences.

Future technology Concept Smartball for Computer

The Smartball works as a ‘universal remote’ with ANY external display, and the OLED components will also allow the ball to be a self-contained content viewer. For watching a movie, holding the ball is a very ergonomic position for the wrists, and it has a slight weight that prevents it from rolling away or needing to be propped for relaxed viewing pleasure.
Designer Laura Lahti Future technology Concept Smartball for Computer   Future technology Concept Smartball for Computer
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