Concept "Smart" urn

Concept "Smart" urn

The problem of waste disposal is acute in large cities. Look at the dirty streets do not like anyone, but they are still not very clean. The fact is that some people throw garbage directly onto the sidewalk, without finding a garbage can, or simply lazy to bring the waste to the urn. In order to make people take this problem seriously and not get mud on the streets, SENCITY decided to draw people with video games and created the special tetraBIN urn, which rewards decent and clean citizens.
The tetraBIN waste tank is wrapped with a liquid crystal display that shows bats and hungry dogs asking them to feed. When someone throws rubbish into the trash can, a sensitive membrane is triggered inside, reacting to the object falling into the tank. After this, the dogs have tasty chicken legs for lunch.
For thrown in the trash can garbage “players” receive unique promotional codes that can be registered on the site of the urn producer and receive in return something useful, including real gifts that can send by mail.
Urns tetraBIN – one of the developments of the team, part of the start-accelerator Urban-X from Brooklyn. The purpose of the organization is the creation and financing of developments for the “smart” city of future. Yes, stops with free Wi-Fi and charging stations for smartphones are also needed, but the urns with video games look much more useful against their background.Future technology Concept "Smart" urn

 Future technology Concept "Smart" urn

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