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Concept Smart training system

Concept Smart training system

Researchers at the University of Bielefeld in Germany have developed a virtual training system, which should help improve the quality of training athletes, and individual exercises, especially after an injury. The system called ICSPACE uses a virtual avatar, stereoscopic 3D-glasses and reflective markers that enable all users to carefully control all its movements.
Whether you’re a professional athlete or just want to take him to the gym, this system helps you see,as the way your body moves – and it is from all angles (even with feedback in real time). Bielefeld researchers believe they have discovered the perfect option exercise with glasses and motion tracking system.
To use the system is user-3D scanning to create an avatar. Once the athlete wears reflective markers-and 3D-glasses, he sees your avatar in front of the mirror, which is reflected in real time in the virtual space. A number of reflective markers and cameras allows you to see your avatar in profile and from the front or from the back. All this enables the user to better understand how well it performs a particular exercise. The system includes visual cues that distinguish the individual parts of the body color, so you can see what you’re doing wrong. For example, if you do sit-ups, but do not bend your knees correctly, the corresponding part of the body will be highlighted in red as long as you’re not going to do everything as it should.Future technology Concept Smart training system

Users also have access to a semi-transparent figure, which is superimposed on an avatar, and demonstrates the correct execution of the exercises. This is sort of a ghost perfection, showing a sample of what to strive for. In addition, you can also add a virtual coach who will suggest how and what should be done and what needs to change.
The research team noticed that their system is not intended to completely replace the human coaches, but not is excess, especially for those who are going through the process of rehabilitation after injury. But still need to spend a lot of research before this system will be available for sale. Future technology Concept Smart training system
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