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Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB

Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB

Always fun to explore something new, especially if this is certainly never happened. This is the case with new products from the company Hidden, which specializes in manufacturing speakers. The new speaker system HiddenHUB has adaptation of sounds, “smart” features and elegant design.
It should be recognized,that in modern times such a device should have a truly outstanding set of options and designs,to be seen in a number of other successful projects. It seems HiddenHUB copes with this task, providing not only adaptable sound in 360 degrees, and touch-control, and a futuristic design.
Hub distributes music through the apartment located on the network of speakers, a data device connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Mobile devices and computers can also be connected to the Hub via Bluetooth, WiFi or Airplay.
When you are near the speaker, a volume and song selection can controlled via the touch panel located on the top of the gadget. One touch will stop / play a song, while a double tap will switch to the next track. Adjust the volume by holding your finger on the edge of the speaker in a clockwise / counter-clockwise. HiddenHUB also has built-in AutoPlay, which helps the device to determine when the user is away from home, and then the speaker is automatically disabled. When the user returns, speaker resumes the music from the last place.Future technology Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB 

“Smart» HiddenHUB equipped with adaptive sound technology and uses the accelerometer to determine whether it is on the table or hung vertically on the wall. Other sensors scan the space around and optimize the audio according to the environment. Not yet submitted any detailed specifications regarding audio capabilities HiddenHUB, but, apparently, they will be high enough.Future technology Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB Future technology Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB Future technology Concept smart speaker HiddenHUB
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