Concept Smart Highway

Concept Smart Highway

Now the roads are not just roads, but be smart. Two Dutch design studios  Roosegaarde and Heijmans developed stunning project  a "smart way."  It includes a number of interactive technologies that adapt to traffic conditions and visually show drivers of useful information.
The main technological element of the road of the future – the paint. In this respect, the Dutch ahead over Europe. A few years ago, they got the "nano-paint", which can be controlled with the remote control – press the blue button and the wall paint, turned blue, red – red, etc.
The concept of the new Dutch road uses a combination of sensors, special inks and high-tech batteries that collect energy from the wind of passing vehicles. «Smart Highway» will become reality in 2013. Future technology Concept Smart Highway

Road paint «Dynamic Paint» sensitive to temperature. In normal weather conditions, the paint is transparent, but when the temperature drops and the road is slippery, the paint shows warning signs of danger.
«Glow-in-the-Dark Road» – fluorescent dye that absorbs sunlight during the day and light up to 10 hours at night, which increases visibility and reduces the need for additional lighting.
Another technique is called "Interactive Light". It uses sensors to detect an oncoming car, if a car is approaching, the road begins to glow brighter and fades when the vehicle is removed. Thus, the road will turn on only when needed, and will not waste expend energy reserve. "Smart Highway" was named best concept.  Future technology Concept Smart Highway Future technology Concept Smart Highway Future technology Concept Smart Highway Future technology Concept Smart Highway

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