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Concept "Smart " eyes for robots

Concept "Smart " eyes for robots

Modern robots can see well (or even better than people), but this does not mean that they recognize,what they see . Without the normal program for recognition of object, a robot-servant ,whereof many dream , just not be able to distinguish a bottle with a means plumbing for washing from the glass with orange juice. The people such confusion is unlikely to please , so scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working to improve eye robots.
Under the guidance of graduate student Jared Glover a group of researchers at MIT was updated and improved the existing algorithms that allow robots to recognize, what they see , so as not to poison his master. The new algorithm allows the robots Glover not only see the objects , but also to determine their purpose.
We will not go into the mathematical details , the more it is very difficult, and just report the facts: a new algorithm raised a vision for robot on 15% to the level,at which we, the people, can allocate the variety of objects and determine their purpose. 84%, what saw robots, were identified correctly. That is the system Glover works , and how. However, when the researchers put one thing on another, that the program was more difficult to determine, which is which.Future technology Concept smart eyes for robots

You may be wondering what is going to make Glover with such robots. You’ll never guess . He plans to play with them at table tennis. In theory, the "smart" eyes will allow robots calculate the speed and rotation of a tennis ball, that can make a robot the good rival in the game. In general , most importantly, that they can bring you exactly what you ask , and not vice versa. Is not it? Future technology Concept smart eyes for robots

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