Concept "Smart" car mirror

Concept "Smart" car mirror

The number of “smart” gadgets for vehicles exceed the highest expectations of science fiction of the past. Literally every day there are new developments designed to make life easier for motorists. The developers of the Pioneer created rearview mirror with built-in navigation. Mirror function are not limited to.
Pioneer Telematics Unit – car rearview mirror with integrated telematics. Built in the device a module the wireless transmission of information will inform the driver about the situation on the road, the weather, the news in real time. The developers believe that the use of such a mirror will significantly improve safety on the road.
Essentially, it performs a function similar to the navigation system, however, the company promises higher than usual, the rate of information transmission. All information will be displayed on the 5-inch touchscreen LCD display, built-in in mirror.Future technology Concept "Smart" car mirror

The device has built-in front-facing camera with the wide viewing angle. It detects a potential hazard by analyzing the movement of other vehicles on the road, and send audio and visual alerts in the event of a dangerous situation.
Another feature of the mirror – Integrated noise-canceling microphone,that allows you to control the mirror voice. The gadget can be used simultaneously as a regular mirror, GPS-navigator and point Wi-Fi.
The price the innovation its creators has not reported. We only know that in selling the gadget to appear in 2015.Future technology Concept     Future technology Concept "Smart" car mirrorFuture technology Concept "Smart" car mirror
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