Concept screen of the future

Concept screen of the future

Experts of the company SEL demonstrated his new creation – a prototype touchscreen, named after the developers, SEL. He stands out in that it is foldable and thus is based on a matrix OLED, positioning in large measure to the touchscreen size.
Screen SEL received 8.7 inches diagonal and a pixel density of 254 pixels per inch, which corresponds to the resolution of Full HD, or 1920×1080 pixels. During the demonstration, the developers really have lay down the screen three times and it fully retained its efficiency. Another important detail: display weighs only 6 grams with a thickness not exceeding 100 micrometers, and it was developed specifically for use in mobile devices. At the moment, the idea is at the stage of concept. So far, the SEL is testing new creation,and not reported date of mass production. Panel, as it became known, will be produced in smaller sizes, so you can install it in smartphones.Future technology  Concept screen of the fu

But if the problem is with the flexibility of the displays almost solved, what about the flex? So far, a breakthrough in this field has made only the company Apple, whose flagship smartphone, the new iPhone 6 Plus, bend, if his body is made of clay. Joking aside, the current development technology as something quite difficult to imagine a foldable smartphone or tablet computer, but experts SEL no doubt, that the future belongs to such devices.   Future technology  Concept screen of the fuFuture technology  Concept screen of the fu  Future technology  Concept screen of the fu

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