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Concept Rinspeed Oasis – a garden on wheels

Concept Rinspeed Oasis – a garden on wheels

Self-driving cars of the future won’t need to be configured on the inside the way they are now, since things like steering columns won’t be required. Electric drive trains will also help maximize available interior space, so it makes sense that cars will look dramatically different inside and out when the two things combine, as they seem inevitably on track to do.
Usually, the “green car” refers to electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids that can move in a long time bezvyhlopnom mode. But Frank Rinderknecht, head of the Rinspeed, such a convention is not satisfied, and it offers literally fill with green cars, that is, grass and other plants. His next concept called Oasis has a special capacity in front of the cabin, where you can pour a piece of land and sow it with grass and flowers, to the driver’s eyes always appeared as a green lawn, contrasting with the sad panorama of urban concrete jungle – the basic environment of Oasis habitat.Future technology Concept Rinspeed Oasis - a garden on wheels

The new Rinspeed Oasis concept car is an urban self-driving vehicle, equipped with two seats that can swivel independently to accommodate different seating accommodations. The interior is also designed as “living space,” the comp pay notes, with “the ambience of a modern-day family room.” That includes amenities like an armchair, a TV, and a windshield that can offer immersion in fully virtualized surroundings (you don’t necessarily need to see outside if you’re not driving, after all), or augmented reality displays with overlays on the passing view.
If desired, the tray can be sown what some plant food, such as radish, carrot, onion and lettuce, which are so lacking in the diet of many people in cities.
As for the technical part of the Oasis, it is reported, that the car is made with an eye on unmanned technology and will be able in his spare time transportation owner to perform socially useful work, such as breeding to addresses small items from online stores. The back of the Oasis is a sealed box with its own microclimate system. The customer ordered ice cream? Turn the refrigerator mode! It is necessary to carry the pizza? Cut in heating!
Still,the amazing entertainer this Rinderknecht. How realistic is the concept?  Although the majority of its developments and remain single showpieces, they invariably delight motorists bold, sometimes crazy ideas. Even concepts decades ago seem futuristic to this day.  Future technology Concept Rinspeed Oasis - a garden on wheels Future technology Concept Rinspeed Oasis - a garden on wheels
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