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Concept Refrigerator of future Axon.

Concept Refrigerator of future Axon.

Will be a very interesting life in the near future with intelligent devices. You can look at and evaluate the refrigerator of the future. Axon is cylindrical in shape that will give birth to plenty of efficient space. It will also help organize all the contents in a better way and favor the scanning functions. The smart refrigerator can easily transmit information regarding the amount of space inside it. Axon has been designed in an ingenious manner. The upper part is the refrigerator while the freezer has been placed at the lower part. It will gel well with both left-handed and right-handed users as the doors can slide towards both left and right. The facade boasts of a touch sensitive display that will make the overall usage quite fun and easy.

Axon has an inbuilt camera as well as a scanner that will help revise information from time to time. The glass used to make the refrigerator turns transparent when activated.  When not in use the same transparent glass turns white and hides whatever is inside the fridge. Great refrigerator!                          

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