Concept Pot Moots

Concept Pot Moots

There are smart phones, devices for the modern kitchen, etc. But here in front of you clever flower pot. It informs you when the plant needs more water or food, smart pot with a touch screen. Pot Moots your futuristic pot plant concept designed to blend perfectly with the modern home, it allows you to grow plants in your dome.Slovo moots himself came from a combination of two words: seeds and mood.
Just buy a few pots to enhance your garden, each bank can be linked to each other so that you can control it from one place. You are attracted to such things?  Future technology Concept Pot Moots

Designer : Matej Korytar
Pot Moots is available in three sizes and they are of diameter 15, 20, 25 cm. The main pot with touch screen has sphere form with diameter 20 cm. It is connected with other pots and communicates with them.      Each pot consist of two parts:
1. External container with touch screen and transparent bottom.
2. Internal container with plant and sliding out LED lamp.  Future technology Concept Pot MootsFuture technology Concept Pot Moots Future technology Concept Pot Moots Future technology Concept Pot Moots

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