Concept Pose Mobile Phone .

Concept Pose Mobile Phone .

This concept is more like a utopia than a real truth. But it deserves attention and it can be seen as a vision for the future. This is a concept created after Apple revealed the first ipod shuffle (usb-stick). Utilizing light reflective display (which already invented by a company called Immersion), instead of following the same large screen display design, this mobile phone concept boasts flip/clamshell form. The swivel screen enables you to rotate the display at 180-degree or transform it to become a vertical e-book reader or horizontal music player. Pose Mobile Phone concept has been designed with ability to use 2 different SIM cards, which should be pretty handy if you don’t like carrying 2 mobile phones around. Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Concept of device uses complete surface as the display, pretty contrast to read the e-books. Also, almost all surface is sensorial that means you can use and even reprogram all of it’s sides or corners to act as you wish. Example: make the right side to act as the scroll wheel or the wacom’ touch strip. Moreover it could be some kind of “sensorial profiles” for applications.
Designer : Serguey Markov   Future technology pose-mobile-phone-conceptFuture technology pose-mobile-phone-concept Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

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  • rachel shaut

    February 9th, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    This is the weirdest phone ive ever seen.

  • Business Mobile

    February 13th, 2012 at 1:55 am

    No matter what industry you work in having business mobile phones is invaluable. Being able to communicate with employees, managers and even clients while you are away from the office or out in the field means you are always accessible and this will be reflected in an increase in productivity. For any industry it is important that business runs efficiently and that means remaining connected to staff and customers, being able to be contacted wherever you are and having instant access to information.

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